Meet Our Staff

Meet the friendly staff at Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks!

  • Dr. Maureen Saunders

    Dr. Maureen Saunders graduated from Cornell University in 1987 and began working with her father Dr. Burt at his Spring Valley Animal Hospital. She also worked for Cat's Exclusive in Ridgefield, NJ. It was her exceptional love of cats that allowed her to occupy this niche at the Cat Care Clinic!

  • Christine Coulouridis

    Christine Coulouridis began training with Lindsay  back in Oct. 2019 as Lindsay pursued her goal of becoming a Registered Nurse.  She is our receptionist at the Cat Care Clinic. In our busy office.  She keeps things moving smoothly during this crazy COVID times. She doesn't let anything stress her and really she has been working through the most stressful, trying times in most people's lives.

  • Jessie Barragan
    Veterinary Technician

    Jessie joined us while at studying at Rockland Community College for an internship program.  She is interested in becoming a Veterinarian, but in the meanwhile, she has earned her technician's degree at Mercy College.  Her smiling face and cheery disposition makes everyone and every animal at ease!

  • Noelle Loughran

    Noelle Loughran has been working as a receptionist at both the Spring Valley Animal Hospital and the Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks since 2015. She has been trained as a human phlebotomist but enjoys working at our Veterinary office better!!

  • Mairead Bramm
    Veterinary Assistant

    Mairead ( rhymes with parade ) joined us after deciding she would rather work primarily in animal medicine than in human medicine.  She is constantly learning and her compassion for the animals is overwhelming

  • Jess Ganay
    Going to school to be a Veterinarian

    Jess 2 has left to go to pursue her Veterinary degree at Ohio University!  Welcome future Vet -Class of 2025

  • Lindsay Weigand
    Registered human nurse- RN-No longer at CCC

    Lindsay Weigand has now become a Registered Nurse and we wish her the best in all her future endeavors!  We will miss her

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