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Getting your cat fixed could be one of the best things you do for your pet's health. By getting your cat this surgery, you help to prevent an increase in the number of homeless pets, help keep your cat healthy, and prevent it from spraying or acting aggressively. At Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks, our veterinarian, Dr. Saunders, will care for your cat as if it's her own. Trust us to fix your feline if you live anywhere near the Nyack area and anywhere from Rockland or Bergen County. We're here to help your cat be as healthy as possible.


What Is the Difference Between Spaying and Neutering?

While some people use spaying and neutering interchangeably, these terms are not the same. A veterinarian will spay female animals. This procedure involves removing the reproductive organs. Pets that have this procedure cannot carry litters nor do they go into heat.

Vets neuter male animals. Neutered males no longer have their testes, which prevents many aggressive behaviors linked to males marking their territory and vying for mates.

Neither spaying nor neutering will cause excessive weight in your pet.

Benefits of Affordable Spaying or Neutering

Spayed and neutered animals have lower incidences of cancers of the reproductive organs, such as uterine and testicular cancer. If your cat was a stray, fixing it could prevent it from roaming away from home or spraying.

Because we care about all cats, even feral, our clinic also works with rescue agencies to trap, neuter, and release stray cats, so they don't produce more unwanted kittens.

The Best Age for This Procedure

For females, you should have them spayed before their first heat, though vets can spay during a heat. The best time to have your cat fixed is between eight weeks of age and five months. Most shelters spay or neuter around eight weeks to prepare kittens for adoption. If you got your pet from somewhere other than a shelter, try to schedule this procedure before it turns five months old, but it's never too late to spay or neuter your pet. Should you have concerns, talk to our veterinarian about fixing your cat.

Bring Your Cat to See Our Veterinarian

If you live in Nyack area or anywhere from Rockland or Bergen County and need specialized veterinary care for your cat, make an appointment with us at Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks. We have numerous services available for your pet, including spaying and neutering. If you are a retired senior citizen or a member of a rescue group, call us for information about discounts to make cat care more affordable. To make an appointment, fill out our online email form. Call us at (845) 353-6369 if you prefer to talk to one of our office staff about discounts or to get answers to your questions about our feline practice.




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