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A Fresh Start in Life With Our Kitten Care Program

Getting a new kitten is a fun and exciting time as you get to know the newest member of your family. You want the best for your companion and at Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks in Rockland County, we are here to help you ensure your kitten is as healthy as he or she can be. Our kitten program focuses on giving your kitten the care it needs in the first year so your kitten can live a life free from common feline health issues.


Why You Should See the Veterinarian When You Get a Kitten

Your new kitten needs proper health care from a veterinarian to give it a chance at living a long and healthy life. That can include neutering and spaying, vaccinations, deworming, testing for feline leukemia, and feline FIV. All of this is a lot to ask of a kitten to tolerate, but most of these are done quickly apart from spaying and neutering.

The Importance of Veterinary Care for Your Kitten

Kittens are vulnerable to common feline diseases if they're not vaccinated as early as possible. When a kitten is exposed to feline leukemia or feline FIV, the odds of the kitten developing the disease increase. A kitten's immune system isn't always strong enough to overcome the disease which makes bringing your kitten to a veterinarian for testing and vaccination very important. Also of importance, is a flea and worm treatment since the removal of these parasites can help your kitten stay healthy and grow to his or her fullest potential.

The Benefits of Kitten Programs

A kitten program is a package of pre-arranged vet visits to our clinic. Each visit includes a wellness check and appropriate treatment for the kitten at each stage of development. Your kitten gets shots, treatment for worms, a microchip, and spaying or neutering when the kitten is old enough. Our veterinarian also checks your kitten’s teeth to make sure they're healthy and looks for any abnormalities. You will also receive counseling on nutrition and weight benchmarks for your kitten as it grows. A kitten program helps you keep your kitten healthy as he or she grows into an adult cat.

Call Us Today to Learn More About Our Kitten Program

Give your kitten the care it needs for a good life and call Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks at (845) 353-6369 to schedule an appointment. We serve the Rockland and Bergen County areas, and we're ready to help you give your kitten the best possible veterinary care for a healthy and happy life.

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