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Cats always seem to be managing their own personal hygiene by licking their fur. If you have observed your cat performing this ritual time and time again, you may wonder why any feline would ever need professional grooming intervention. The truth is that cat grooming under the supervision of a veterinarian can help to diagnose, treat, or even prevent a number of health issues. That's why Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks is proud to offer these services for Rockland County, Bergen County, and the general Nyack area.


Why Cat Grooming Is Important for Health and Wellness

Cats have rough tongues and a natural instinct to keep themselves clean. This combination means that cats rarely require regular baths, unlike dogs. Even so, skin problems can and do occur. For instance, food allergies or flea bites can create itchy welts that promote obsessive biting, licking, or chewing. If the skin becomes damaged, bacteria can then infect it.

Cats inevitably ingest some hair as they groom themselves, vomiting up hairballs as a result. While hairballs are normal, large or frequent ones can lead to digestive system blockages. Grooming helps to keep the excess hair level down.

Overgrown toenails present another problem for indoor cats, since these cats don't get an opportunity to wear their nails down naturally. Sharp, long toenails can get caught in rugs or floors, tearing away painfully and leaving open wounds. Trimming a cat's nails can prove tricky, which is why you're better off leaving it to the professionals.

Sometimes a cat will develop impacted or infected anal glands. These scent glands located at the base of the tail normally exude fluid during defecation. If they get blocked, they can swell up with fluid, becoming itchy and painful. At that point, the glands require manual expression.

Gentle, Professional Care from Our Feline Veterinarian

Our periodic grooming services can help your cat look and feel his best. Our feline veterinarian can supervise a gentle brushing of your cat's hair. Trims can remove painful mats and/or give your cat a stylish new look. We also check for tumors, welts, or other skin problems that require care. 

In addition to hair and skin care, we can trim your cat's toenails with great precision, removing sharp points without damaging your cat's toes. We can even express your cat's anal glands if trouble is developing back there.

Looking for Cat Grooming Services in the Nyack Area?

Cat Care Clinic of the Nyacks is your source for cat grooming in the Nyack area, including Bergen County and Rockland County. Call (845) 353-6369 today!

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